Every Other Week

It was back to work today after another week away. I’ve really gotten used to not being around over the summer, and it’s been great avoiding so much of the negativity. I feel like summer is slipping away, and we’ve still got so much work to do. That doesn’t even include me figuring out what the hell I’m doing at the high school.

Ben was out and Jason didn’t have any direction for us, so everyone split up to do their own things. I played a bit of catch up myself before taking Brice and Allen to Chick-fil-A to meet Dale and Gary for lunch. They had their peach milkshakes, which made the whole visit worthwhile. Then I met Heather at the junior high to take a look at the outside signs. We appeared to have a bad hard drive in one, so we pulled it and took it back to the shop for Jason.

I had another nurse checkup where they fussed that my blood pressure was still high. Instead of upping my dosage again, she added a third prescription. To complicate things further, she wants me to take them at different times. She wasn’t as pumped about my tracking spreadsheet either, since I couldn’t limit the data to only include readings taken a couple hours after taking my meds. It’s beyond annoying dealing with it, and at times it doesn’t even feel worth the frustration.

After blowing an hour there, I went back to the shop where I teamed up with Brice to check out all the work orders I’ve been ignoring for Oakland. We got a few things done, and it was nice to have the help. A lot of the cleanup stuff will have to wait until the beginning of the school year since teachers will move things around again.

I headed home and spent some time cleaning up after the pets before rummaging around for a wireless charger to use in Summer’s charging picture frame. I didn’t have a lot of room to work, but eventually I got it soldered and working. With any luck, it won’t catch on fire. Mom texted that she made phở, so I stopped for gas, got Summer, and headed to their house for dinner. Summer was exhausted from work, so we headed straight home after that and went to bed.

The heat was hot.

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