The A Team

It saddens me to say that today was an unusually good day at work. Jason had us all go start collecting old leased Chromebooks, so we took both trucks, loaded up with dollies and empty retail boxes, and visited four elementary campuses to collect the equipment. Of course he didn’t really have much of a plan to do any of it, and he even had to leave for half of the day to work on something else while we did the grunt work. Regardless, we pulled together and got into a groove that really worked for us. Everyone participated, and nobody ever got upset with anyone else. It was really quite the sight.

Four of us went to Taco John’s for lunch, where I ended up eating too much because I craved Potato Ol├ęs, and then Gary ended up hardly touching his. I still consider it a good choice for the day though, because they were probably the hottest and freshest I had ever had, and they were seasoned and crisped perfectly. The tacos were a bit stale, but after the fried potato bliss, I wasn’t in any shape to argue.

We continued with more of the same in the afternoon, touching just over 300 Chromebooks for the day. Jason even let us go an hour early for our efforts, but Gary and I ended up going to the junior high to take care of some things for James in his new office. Then we chatted for a bit after we walked out, and finally left just before 5.

Summer went to the gym, so I had a little time to kill. I was hot and sticky from sweating all day, so I ran home to change and clean up a little, then stopped by Walgreens on the way up to her house so I could get my new prescription. Hopefully splitting it up in the morning and evening will help, but I’m still annoyed that I’m having to keep up with all of that. I guess I really do need to just purchase a blood pressure cuff for home.

When I got Summer, we went to my parents’ house for spaghetti dinner. I wanted to swim from being so overheated, but it was dark and cold by the time we finished, and we figured it’d be best to head back home to bed.

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