1:1 Practice

It was a little drizzly this morning, but we decided to continue on with our great Chromebook hunt. We ended up getting just over 500 more Chromebooks to the UPS store by the end of the day, with only a short lunch break with Allen to Wind Taste. It really felt to me like a trial run of returning the high school laptops. I was hot, sweaty, and sticky by the time we left, so I ran home to change before meeting Summer at my parents’ house for dinner.

Mom warmed up the leftover phở for the four of us, and then we headed back to Summer’s for the evening. The turtle tank was looking pretty rough, and I had a lapse in memory where I imagined Autumn was away at band camp and not just choosing to exist somewhere else for the evening, so I cleaned it out myself. If I had remembered she could have been here, I would have made her come home to clean it herself.


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