Ridin’ the Storm Out

We woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of some pretty heavy storms. Power even went out for a little bit, but came on super quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a short, full outage before. When the power came back up, I went back to sleep and slept in for a while. Eventually Summer got up and made pancakes and eggs for breakfast. She cut up some brats and fried them in a pan, but I didn’t much care for their flavor for breakfast.

Besides Summer going to the gym, none of us really accomplished much today. The girls and I pretty much sat around all day, and ended up exhausting ourselves in boredom. Eaddie tried to mow while Summer went to the gym, but the wind started whipping trees around and it started to rain again.

When Summer got back in the evening, I cut up some potatoes for fries and fried some chicken to put in sandwiches. Everyone seemed to like them pretty well. I was mostly annoyed at how messy mine was. Then Eaddie and I had A&W root beer floats.

I ended the evening playing someĀ Overwatch just long enough to earn a limited edition skin for Baptiste. I don’t ever really play him, but that made it all that much nicer to have a secondary skin for him.

There’s no telling what Monday will bring.

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