Simulating Africa

I slept in pretty late today. When I woke up, Summer and Autumn were finishing up Harry Potter, and Eaddie was still asleep. I warmed up some leftover tacos for lunch, and then Eaddie and I watched some Daredevil while Summer took Autumn to her Law Enforcement Explorers program.

Eventually she took Eaddie to the gym and I went home to clean up before movie time with the family. I cleaned up the aquariums a bit, and added some more water to acclimate the new cherry red shrimp. After my shower, I went to pick the girls up, and we met my family at UEC for The Lion King to celebrate Julie’s birthday.

The seats felt better but narrower, and the place was packed with little children. Even more annoying were the young adults that seemed to be eating out of the loudest packaging possible, and the asshat that left their phone LED notification flash on during the movie. The kid in the ridiculous cowboy hat next to me smelled like he hadn’t had a shower in a while, and provided a running commentary. I spent most of the movie admiring the animation and daydreaming about how everything we see is a lie. There’s no going back now. It’s inevitable.

Autumn called during the movie to say that she needed a proper shoe shine brush and blanket for the week, so we went to the Neighborhood Market to try and find the brush. Failing that, we grabbed a blanket from their house and dropped it off at the dorm. Finally, I dropped the girls off at their house and headed home to test my aquariums’ chemistry before dropping the new shrimp in and going to bed.

So much DMV business to do, so little time…

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