Shrimp Berries!

Things got off to a rough start this morning. Jason started rambling incoherently about moving carts and laptops around in about a dozen different ways, giving us more odd counts and half measures than any of us could keep track of. Four of us kind of looked at each other, so I spoke up and said he should write it down or something, to which he responded that I should take notes. Then he started talking down at us like we were all idiots for not understanding what he was trying to communicate. That pretty much got everyone in a foul mood all day, but we eventually got things written on the whiteboard and divided up into groups.

Just as Allen and I were hooking up the trailer, Jason called to tell us to stand down because the middle school was actually hosting active shooter training today, and that we would instead spend all day on work orders. Heather, Gary, and I decided we would work together to clean up the junior high while Allen left to work on his “50 work orders” by himself.

From that point on, I was just kind of more annoyed to be there than anything. Heather kept pestering me about selling things on GovDeals while I was already still annoyed by all of my things she had been throwing away while I wasn’t there. It kind of felt like she spent most of the morning on the phone anyway, but I tried not to hold that against her since I know she spent at least some of that time trying to help Melinda in her new role. I just tried to stay busy by myself.

Allen and I met up at Ruby Tuesday for $5 salads, and then he left me about 15 minutes early because he’s paranoid about getting back to work on time. I finished cleaning up at the junior high and finally left to get some of my own things done at the high school. I was already feeling a little overwhelmed with all the new people, learning the layout of the campus, and just the logistics of working on computers that may or not even actually exist in the building when I finally get a chance to come work on them. I did have a fair moment in the office which made me feel a bit better, and they gave me a name tag for the first time in the district.

I finished up work and headed home where I found Eaddie sitting around on her phone surrounded by half-eaten crackers in the cushions. Their couch is always so disgusting, and I envisioned the same kind of foodstuffs crammed into mine if I let her hang around my house for too much longer. I don’t think my general fatigue really let me express how displeased I was, and I’m not sure how much it would have mattered anyway. She had karate but didn’t bring her bag, so we had to run to their house before I could drop her off. Then I went and spent about an hour wandering around Walmart just hitting all the aisles I never get to visit with everyone else in tow.

Summer finished up at the gym and got Eaddie home, so I went to Lowe’s to recycle some compact fluorescents and finally caught up with them to help dig out some leftovers for dinner. We watched an episode of Parks and Rec just to keep it short, and I headed home to relax.

As I replaced one of the bulbs on my shrimp tank, I noticed I had two berried females and started researching breeding. Hopefully in about a month I’ll see some little babies. Wouldn’t that be neat.

I should just let them go, but!

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