All Passed Out

I barely slept a wink last night, after rolling and tossing around all night. I had a pretty good kink in my back for the longest time, and I just hurt all over from the lack of rest. The show had to go on though, with a full seven hours of straight laptop handouts. We had our biggest rush first thing in the morning, and then they just came in waves the rest of the day. It seemed to die a bit around lunch time, but then we got a big rush right after. I think next year Al wants to cut it down to the same time slots we had for the seniors and juniors.

Melinda brought us some Umami and I had the hibachi ribeye, which was waaaaaaaaaay less greasy than Sumo. I could actually taste individual flavors instead of an overpowering, oily salt block. Ben brought Heather and Amanda in the morning, but it wasn’t really busy enough to warrant all three of them, so he cut Amanda loose after lunch. We wrapped things up at the usual time, and I worked on a couple things to finish up the day.

I came home to rest a while, and had just enough ambition to finish up my tiny sump aquarium. I dug out the Black Diamond sandblasting media and washed it up to use for a substrate cap. I think ultimately I added too much soil and water to the tank yesterday, because dropping the sand in seemed to make it mix unevenly with the potting soil instead of letting it layer evenly on top. After cleaning up the floaty bits, it actually looked pretty nice though. I trimmed a few varieties of plants and got it planted. I doubt the stock lighting will be enough to really grow much, so I added another light to give it a little kick start.

Finally, I headed up to Summer’s for the evening. Eaddie and I watched a few episodes of Jessica Jones while I had my fourth wind, and then I headed to bed.

Who dresses these kids???

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