Gotta Spend Money to Save Money

I slept in a bit this morning since Summer had to work. When I got up, I made some tacos out of leftover beans, cheese, and veggies, and then the girls and I watched an episode of Jessica Jones. After that, I headed home to clean up before Summer got home. I ended up having to do some water changes in a couple of the aquariums, and I think one of my black skirt tetras that got stuck in Spongebob’s pineapple window may be on its way out. I guess they are pretty old by now, since I got them second-hand about five years ago. I don’t have a clue how old they were when I got them from the random Redditor.

As soon as I was cleaned up and ready, I headed up to Summer’s with my mango tree since it seemed not to be doing so well since my air conditioner was replaced. They walked out the door as soon as I got there, so we didn’t waste any time getting to Conway.

I had $30 in rewards to use at Dick’s, so we picked up a paddle for Summer’s kayak, then went on down the strip to let the girls do some back to school shopping. It was the start of the tax-free weekend, so Summer picked up quite a bit of stuff for them. By the end of it all, we were all pretty hungry and agreed on Golden Corral for dinner. We all stuffed ourselves and then headed out for one last stop.

We dropped the girls off at Books-A-Million to let them wander through that shopping center while we went to Sam’s. I wanted to pick up some hanging shop lights for the garage since it’s incredibly dark out there. I may have gotten too many, but it will be nice to have when I need it. We made one last stop at PetCo to check on their shrimp inventory before heading back home.

Summer and Autumn went straight to bed while Eaddie and I finished up the first season of Jessica Jones. Then we got one episode of Daredevil season 2 in before Eaddie was too tired to go on.

I mean, why not just “Snuffcarcass?”

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