Geoffrey the Friendly Zombie

When we got up this morning, Summer got the girls ready to leave with their father and I went home to clean up. I messed around with the aquariums a little first though, and I seem to be missing my last big gold mystery snail. I can’t find it in the tank anywhere, and every time this has happened before they’ve ended up dead. I wish I knew why, because this one always seemed quite active.

Once out of the shower, I headed back to get Summer, and we met Travis, John, and Melissa at La Huerta for lunch. It was John’s birthday, so he got to wear the Panchito hat. It was even funnier because his family came in with their kids and sat right behind us. I was surprised to see they made their own fresh tortillas there, so we’ll have to go back more on account of the deliciosity.

We were a bit early for our escape room, so we chatted outside under a pun tree for a while. Once we got in, we suited up with our flag football belts to prepare for the zombie actor experience. I was a little overly worried about moving too quickly through the room after what the hostess said, and I think overall I would have preferred the event without the actor, but it did make for an entertaining visit with the group. Overall it was a really good time, though I felt bad for the guy in the rubber mask. I thought for sure it would be makeup, but no such luck. He ended up helping us on a couple clues, possibly because the hour was just too much for him.

We beat the room with just a few minutes remaining, and then went our separate ways. Summer and I cleaned up a bit at her house and then headed back to my place to practice riding the Grom, but Mom texted with spaghetti and we had dinner instead. I hit a wall of exhaustion while we were there, but woke up enough for a couple chores before bed.

Oh, I only have to clean upĀ everything.

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