It’s a Match?

Allen and I were sent off to do some finishing work at Crawford today. Evidently Jason had trouble toning out a line the other day, so I had to do it. The second task was to set up a touch USB line over Cat-5, and it was actually already set up, but plugged into the wrong port. All of that took us until lunch time, but I think most of the truly heavy lifting was giving relationship advice to Allen.

The two of us went to Wind Taste for lunch, so I’ll owe him lunch again. Then the afternoon was spent with Jason cleaning up and rearranging rooms at Center Valley. They got new cubbies and cabinets in several of the rooms, which necessitated some cable relocation. We were overstaffed with three, and with Jason we didn’t even have all of the equipment we needed in one trip, so I had to run back to town once, and then we’ll have to go again tomorrow.

After work, I rode home and waited for Summer to drop Eaddie off, and we watched a couple episodes of Daredevil. When Summer got back from the gym, we went to my parents’ house for dinner, and that pretty well burned up the last bit of the day. Eaddie and I finished the evening with one more episode, and then it was bedtime.

As I started my evening routine, I noticed an email from confirming a new account setup. Having never even visited the site before, my internal alarms started going off, and I immediately went through the process of “forgetting” the password so I could gain control of the account. There didn’t seem to be any profile information there, and it wasn’t even set up with my name – only my email address. Evidently I was a male seeking another male in Colorado. Once I gained control of the rogue account, I shut it down and went on to bed. I have to admit I was a little curious what would have happened if I had left it open for a day, because it appeared as though they require some kind of review process before anything is actually posted to your profile, so it’s possible there was some information provided for it. I’m fine with not existing as a weird, gay impostor on the internet.

This is a weird form of identity theft.

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