Little Fiero Bro

Today was junior laptop handout day, and Zach and Gary came to help again. It was quite a bit busier than yesterday, but still wasn’t much work for us. Things go really smoothly in the library, and they pretty well have a system down at this point. Melinda brought us Stoby’s for lunch, but I don’t think she stuck around to eat like yesterday since I didn’t see Ben around with her. It was a good ramp-up day to get us to tomorrow’s all day event with the sophomores.

After work, I came straight home and started taking care of the fish. I got the new sump tank cleaned up a bit better and started getting ready to dirt it when a kid came by on a bicycle and wanted to talk about the 87 Fiero GT Fastback. He was super excited by it, and seemed to want to try and help work on it with me so he could buy it from me later. I mentioned Summer’s desire to work with the high school to get an intern at her shop, and he seemed really excited about that too. I texted him back when the girls got here to see if he wanted to come talk to her, and he replied instantly that he was already here. She talked to him a little bit, and then he hung around and looked over the car some more while I sifted potting soil.

As it got dark, he went along his way and I came inside to watch Jessica Jones with Eaddie before bed.

Clockwork Congestion

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