A Laundry List

We got up pretty early this morning after some storming last night. Summer went to get bread for French toast and ended up at the shop because they lost a bunch of equipment due to a power surge or lightning strike. Eaddie and I watched someĀ Daredevil until she got back, and then after breakfast I went back to the shop with her to see if I could be of any help.

I found a few bad ethernet ports on several pieces of equipment, and swapped things around enough to get them limping. It was hot though, and I needed a shower, so I went home to get ready. We were going to go to Conway to go shopping, but by the time Summer got rid of the girls and was ready to go, I decided it was too late and started some laundry instead. It’ll free up tomorrow having so much of it done, which will be nice as the last weekend before school starts.

Summer eventually came over but didn’t feel like getting out for dinner, so I went to eat with my parents by myself. When I got back, we were both so tired that we called it an early night and went to bed.

Shopping for stuff from China is always so fun!

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