Church Rush

I couldn’t sleep very late this morning, possibly because of how bright it got in my room. I was still pretty tired though, so we laid around for a while before I got up and around. Summer headed out first while I got showered and everything, and then I went to pick her up for lunch. I hate going out on Sundays because of how busy everybody is, and the fact that many restaurants raise their prices for it. Chinese did sound good though, so we landed at New China where it actually didn’t seem that bad. I ran into Ian there, which got the adrenaline going a bit, but it was still good to see him.

We went back to Summer’s for a bit after we ate, and didn’t get back out until we had to go to Harbor Freight. Summer needed some things for the shop, so I brought the coupon game. The girls’ father dropped them off for us there, so we got to split the transaction three ways for maximum savings. I didn’t really get anything I wanted, but nothing I wanted was very urgent anyway. From there we went to Lowe’s so Summer could look for a shop vac and so I could pick up some paver stones on which to park the sailboat so the tires won’t keep sinking into the earth.

Lastly we stopped by Walmart so the girls could pick up a last couple school supplies, and then we went back to their house so they could do some cleaning before dinner. I fried up some chicken for them to make sandwiches, and then I headed home to do some more laundry before the first week of school. Thankfully I think I’ve gotten most of the mentally draining stuff out of the way, so tomorrow I should just be able to crush the bulk of my work orders. I’m still not looking forward to re-running cable for Ethan, but I fully plan on enlisting his help for that.

They’re like tiny machines that turn spinach into poop.

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