Walking the Land

I went to the shop first thing this morning because I wasn’t certain of Jason’s plans. It ended up being unnecessary, but at least I got to see Brice sitting around eating breakfast after being out for the past couple weeks.

I rolled into the high school and jumped right into things, finally making it out to the multipurpose facility to check on some things. Eventually I made it inside to start closing work orders, and I did a fair job of catching up. There’s still a lot to do, but at least it feels achievable. Lunchtime came around out of nowhere, so I went to Arby’s for a quick meal before coming back early and diving right back in.

If nothing else, today served to better familiarize myself with the layout of the campus. There is still a ton of unexplored territory, and a surprising number of young teachers of questionable caliber. I suppose time will tell, but I had such hopes. I guess statistically I really haven’t had to visit that many rooms to hook everything up from scratch.

After staying late to take care of a couple things at the MPF, I headed home to cool off. It was incredibly hot and humid today, and I was surprised to see the Hickey pool closed and partly drained. Beth was in town for their father’s birthday, but it wasn’t long before Summer said they were leaving their parents’ house and wanted to go to Stoby’s for dinner.

Dinner was uneventful aside from my taco salad that was served with a paltry smattering of chips. Beth took the girls home while I went to the junior high to snag an old discarded switch to set up at Summer’s shop. It didn’t take long at all to get them set back up, and everything was working again. It kind of really made me want to pursue a real IT job with them, but I don’t really know enough about their existing business structure and Summer’s too busy trying to hold onto the reigns of her own position.

Finally home for the evening, I spent too much time browsing cheap Chinese goods that I’ve been meaning to buy for too long. I got a small order out, so in a few months I’ll have a surprise delivery that I’ve forgotten all about.

I wonder what a real IT job is like.

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