Mutha, Don’t Wanna Go to School Today!

This was probably one of the most relaxing first days of school I’ve experienced. The drive was short and I came in late enough that traffic wasn’t an issue, though parking was a bit of a struggle. They handed out a few more laptops, but we still have plenty ready to go for now. I’m still not sure how many total I’ll have extra as spares. I didn’t really have many new work orders coming in, but I tried to be accessible for any major crises. At one point I did have to go to the library to help reset student account passwords.

The seniors had a big breakfast from the parents, and I didn’t realize until late, but they brought all the leftovers to the lounge. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many donuts in one place before. They also had pans of biscuits and sausage patties. I wish I had gotten in there earlier for breakfast. Summer came by for lunch and brought 50 cent corn dogs.

I didn’t have to work too late, so I came home and started working on the aquariums. I spent hours cleaning and finally trimming some with my new clippers. They’re quite a bit better than I expected, so I may end up getting some more. I need to set up a better place to grow out in quantity so I can really aquascape something nice, rather than planting a few stems at a time the way I have been.

I think I’d rather go outside and play, yeah!

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