Rollin’ in Greens

We didn’t sleep in very long this morning considering how late we got in, so I felt a little drowsy pretty much all day. Summer went home to clean up, and then Bác Vân called me out to get a bunch of plant material for Mom. I got everything loaded up, showered myself, and then went by their house to drop everything off before going up to Summer’s. I couldn’t wait for our “early” dinner, so I finished up a bunch of salad greens there before we headed over to my parents’ house.

The girls wanted to swim, so they went outside for a bit until it started lightly storming. I skimmed a little bit of sleep in Summer’s lap for a while, but ended up feeling more tired for it because of my apnea. I did at least feel relaxed though. Julie came over to eat too, and we all had beef spring rolls, except a predictably fussy Autumn who ate Mom’s famous “chicken nuggets.”

After dinner, the girls went to swim a little more before they headed home. I came home myself and made a really early night of it.

The fun weekends are always the shortest.

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