Super Seedy Supersedence

I got some pretty solid sleep last night after kicking off the weighted blanket that was keeping me hot. I still can’t wait for winter just to use it full time. It was a little slow moving this morning, and then Heather called for some help first thing. I ended up chatting with her for quite a while, and I hope she doesn’t feel quite so overwhelmed with the new job.

There were a few new work orders for me, and I took care of some of the older ones before breaking for lunch. The morning seemed to go by so fast, even with taking lunch a bit later. Summer couldn’t get out, so I went to pick up Wendy’s for us. The app ordering experience was pretty awesome, so I’ll have to start using it now. I got the bacon jalapeño cheeseburger again, and she got her usual Baconator. We ate upstairs, and then I had to head back to the shop to get some direction.

Gary helped me look at a couple problems I’d been having. We didn’t get anywhere, but it’s nice to know I’m not crazy. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon working in SCCM to build a deployment to uninstall any old versions of some software in order to install the newest versions. I actually really enjoyed tinkering with it, but it did seem like it took way more time than it was worth. I guess the alternative is to use James’s method of touching every single device.

After working late, Summer brought Eaddie to me so we could get dinner with my parents. Dad grilled some pork chops, and Mom made fish soup. We all had fish, and then Eaddie did some math homework there before we left. Once we got back home, Summer and I watched an episode of Battlestar, and then it was off to bed.

Frakking toasters…

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