Unbirthday Pie

We managed to sleep in a bit today, and it really helped. We ate some leftover French toast, then watched some moreĀ Battlestar Galactica in bed while the kids got up and around. Before we knew it, lunch time came around and Julie brought pizza for Dad’s birthday. We met everyone at their house to eat, and then Autumn and Noah played someĀ Magic: The Gathering in the floor while the rest of us sat around.

Noah had to go to work in the evening, so Summer took everyone home to get ready for that, and I headed home myself to do my weekend chores. Murderface seems to look a little better, but he’s still got some weird scales out of place. I need to move the fat betta back into the community tank so she’ll have some more room. It looks a lot better without the duckweed in there too. The Imagitarium is looking quite nice, and I did a full panel of tests on the water quality for the first time. It took quite a while, and then I tried to learn about the general hardness and carbonate hardness a bit since I plan to keep shrimp in it.

The night went by super quickly, and I ended it with some more browsing for CPAP supplies. I get so angry over how much of a racket it is, but I’m super dependent on my machines to sleep.

And I still need new glasses, too….

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