Le Tired

Summer had to work again today, so I slept in as long as I could. I was still super sleepy but couldn’t go back to sleep because of how bright it was, so I got up and ate a leftover chicken sandwich someone left in the fridge, then some cereal. Eaddie and I finished the second season of Daredevil, and then I went home to clean up while they cleaned house for Noah to come over in the evening.

I almost fell asleep watching the fish tank at home, but then got myself up to change some more water out for my possibly sick Murderface betta. I didn’t get a whole lot else done, but did manage a shower before Summer was ready for me to come back. Autumn wanted to cook hot dogs over the fire pit, so I loaded some wood up and went to get Noah from work on the way up to their house.

Summer and Autumn pulled up from getting groceries at the exact same moment that Noah and I got there, and then I went to try and start a fire. I didn’t realize how much it rained, or that it was supposed to rain again tonight. The wood was all waterlogged and wouldn’t catch at all, so we gave up and tried the grill. Summer was out of propane, so our last resort was the George Foreman grill. The kids ate and then wasted their evening on YouTube while Summer and I watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica before bed.

It’s day 93, and I’ve forgotten what it was like to feel rested.

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