Don’t Get Testy

I started out at the shop this morning so I could finish my LockDown browser deployment. I got the last piece I needed in order to put the whole thing together, and it worked. Once that was done, I had to leave the shop before I got too annoyed with anyone that was either not doing anything at all or too stupid to remember how to do what they were doing yesterday.

Most of the rest of my morning was spent shuffling around Verizon Jetpacks that reeked of cigarette smoke and unemployment. Evidently we lost two outright last year, and four more were damaged or not working for one reason or another. Lunch came and went, and nothing sounded good so I seized the opportunity to ride on through on another Soylent.

The afternoon rolled on pretty quickly, and then Eaddie rode the bus over to me after school. We went to my parents’ house for some fish soup before I had to take her to karate. She’s been aggravating me with her lackadaisical responses any time we ask her to do anything, and today was no exception. She had 20 minutes to finish eating before karate. Then she had 15. Then she had 10. Then she had 5 to get dressed. Then she was 10 minutes late to karate and still wouldn’t even walk quickly to the front door of the establishment. I cannot imagine why someone with so much uncontrollable, spontaneous energy would have to drag her feet after being asked to do anything and everything, and things are about to get really serious.

I came on home after that and started taking care of the fish again. I put Fatty back into the community tank since I’ve lost enough of the other inhabitants over the years that she shouldn’t be stressed. I still need to put together some bigger tanks for the other two bettas, and I can’t decide if I want to put one in the Imagitarium to take to work. I’ve still got the Fluval Edges to work with as well, and the Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics™ All Purpose Container Mix seems to be doing quite well for my plants. I like the Black Diamond sandblasting media as a substrate cap as well, though I wish I had the coarser stuff.

For some reason, out of all the still water in my house, a mosquito laid eggs that hatched in my Imagitarium. I sucked a bunch of larvae out in a massive, first water change in that tank, but I wish I could have just dropped a fish in to take care of it. The nitrogen cycle is stupid. Hopefully after tomorrow it will be ready for some fauna, but at least so far the plants have really taken off.

I’m gonna count to one.

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