Keep Riding On

I got up this morning and it was pretty nice out, so I decided to take the bike to work. Traffic wasn’t as bad, and I got in just in time. All morning was wandering around closing work orders until lunch. I did have one moment of perfect clarity when I had to hunt down a switch I could see but not access. All the work on switches recently has me feeling more confident when I’m configuring them.

Gary, Allen, and Jason all went to Wendy’s for lunch because that’s Allen’s favorite place to eat now after years of hating it. I joined them for a while, and then went by the junior high afterward to start wiping more hard drives for some computers that just sold at auction. Heather needed some help looking at the digital sign outside, and we discovered it was actually a power issue.

On the way back to the high school, I stopped by and chatted with Ben for quite a while. Then Gary brought a switch and a couple WAPs over to the old fieldhouse after school so we could get their network up and running again. I know it’s nothing at all to him, but I actually had a lot of fun just racking it and patching everything in. Then I got to feel smart when I configured their printer for use again.

After work, I went home to change and then got some gas for the bike. It was close to closing time, so I stopped by the shop to see Summer for a bit, and then went by the junior high to wipe a few more computers. From there, I went to my parents’ house and waited for the girls to get there for dinner. We all just cleaned up some leftovers and headed home.

I had planned to spend the night with them, but really wanted to test the water in the Imagitarium again. It was better, but not quite as much as I was hoping after such a large water change. I did some trimming with the plants though, and got a better feel for the dense planting I’ll have in that tank.

No, they did not put our network closet in a girl’s locker room. I tried.

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