Beating Down Problems

My first task of the day was to collect a new recording for the arena IVR. I had to wait in the office a bit, but eventually got Johnny to put on his best radio voice. With that out of the way, I jumped into some AppLocker configuration for Ethan’s lab. I kept digging and digging and felt like I was getting nowhere until lunch time. I eventually just had to stand up and walk away, if for nothing else than to get some food.

I hunted around for a bit but didn’t find anyone, so I headed to Wendy’s by myself. That’s where I ran into Allen at his new favorite restaurant. He was so adamantly against it for so long that it’s hilarious for him to love it so much now. That guy’s so dumb and hilarious. I customized a bacon jalapeño chicken sandwich by adding all the usual burger veggies plus the spring mix, and it made all the difference. It had a whole new crunch and depth of flavor to it, and I loved it. I don’t know why every restaurant app can’t be like theirs.

After lunch, I solved my great AppLocker conundrum with a stroke of luck with the flexibility of wildcards. It’s still technically a loophole, but a small enough one to not have to concern myself with the possibilities. Next it was off to beat my head against the wall for a VPN setup where I kept having to wait for Al’s password until he eventually just gave it to me. Super insecure? Sure. Did he only give it to me because of the rapport and trust we’ve built over the twenty four years we’ve known one another? Probably not. Does it not matter because of the eventual and inevitable heat-death of the entire universe and the end of everything we’ve ever known? Absolutely.

I wrapped up the day with a small cable run across the floor, and then headed home to clean up. Houdini, the black racer nerite, escaped from the front portion of the tank again, and I don’t know why. He seems to just prefer the sump area for some reason. Mom called with leftovers, so I went to their house for dinner. I got to try out the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 noise cancelling headphones I got for Dad, and I was super impressed by both their sound and their active noise cancellation. Then he brought out a bunch of old computer stuff and we tinkered for a bit.

I ended the evening at Summer’s, where I first helped Eaddie with a bit of math, and then settled in for another episode of Battlestar. I truly had forgotten how much I really loved that show.

We’re here on our own. That’s the way they set things up. We have to find our own answers, our own way out of the wilderness without a nice little sunny path all laid out in front of us in advance.

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