Puttin ’em Off

I had to kind of recalibrate myself this morning and prioritize my work orders as I whittled them down into the teens. I got a few easy help desk tasks done before lunch, but they were all hotspots. One of the students whose account I deleted yesterday came into the library while I was there, and I ended up trying to help him out for a while. As I expected, he claimed a loss of some data and nobody could tell me anything useful, which made me out to be the bad guy.

Allen and I went to Wendy’s again, because he can’t get enough of that jalapeño burger. Afterward I went by the new Arvest to see what was going on there. Evidently we could have had a free lunch for their grand opening, but instead I went inside and got a new debit card made with some cows on it.

After lunch I had to dig into those student accounts some more, and learned that the Gmail didn’t transfer when I deleted the old accounts, so I had to restore them and try to perform a data migration instead. Unfortunately I couldn’t ever get that to work either, so I figured I’d leave it overnight and check again tomorrow. I wrapped up the day spending about an hour on a phone replacement I thought I could finish in about half that time.

When I finally got home I stopped by Bác Vân’s for some eggrolls she made, then messed with the tanks for a bit. Once Summer got home, I headed out to hook up the first set of speakers, and realized I didn’t have the right cable to get the subwoofer going. Then we started season 3 of Battlestar and stressed her out until bed.

Yes, fear is a key article of faith as I understand it, so perhaps it’s time to instill a little more fear into the people’s hearts and minds.

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