Receipt Hunting

I took the Grom in to work today since the R1 was still buggy from the weekend ride. The only thing I really remember about this morning was that I kept pretty busy until lunch. Allen wanted Wendy’s, so I met him, Zach, and Gary there. Then I spent a little time at the shop before going back to the high school. I had the interns finish up with the laptop repairs, and worked on some weird laptop sleep issues myself.

After school, I ran back by the shop to pick up an HDMI cable I had forgotten earlier, then went back to the high school to replace an in-ceiling cable that had been broken. The new cable wasn’t quite long enough to get where I needed to go, but I really needed to extend it through a passthrough keystone anyway so the cable going into the laptop would be smaller and less of a ridiculous diameter. The run took me way longer than I expected for as short as it was, but I got it done.

Mom had just enough leftover shrimp noodle soup for me to finish, so I headed across town right after work, then made it back home before dark. I was feeling pretty exhausted, so I stayed in for the evening and just hunted for service records for the R1. I hate that I didn’t have a better method for keeping up with that stuff before, and I’m still not completely satisfied with aCar/Fuelly, but it’s the best app I’ve found. I guess if I really cared enough, I’d write my own. I just miss my palm prÄ“ so much.

Well look at that. Time for another ridiculously overpriced service from the worst dealership I’ve ever encountered in my life.

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