Rice Nazi

Waking up was just awful this morning. It was so bad that I sacrificed most of my routine and went back to sleep for another 30 minutes. Most of my morning was pretty sluggish after that, but I kept at it.

Allen and I went to Wind Taste for lunch since we got coupons yesterday. It took them over half an hour to get our food out to us, and they told us they were out of eggrolls after the fact, but that we could “tell her next time and we would get free eggrolls on our next visit.” Moments later I heard her turn around and ask a customer standing at the counter, “you need something?!” I’m fairly used to dealing with people that don’t speak English natively, and have trouble with the nuances of tone and phrasing. This bitch just doesn’t try. When we finally got up to pay, she took one look at my coupon, scolded me for trying to use an expired one, and then charged me full price. When we got to the car, I took Allen’s coupon in and threw it on the counter and told her once more that these coupons had just been delivered the day before. She shifted tone, fussed that the advertisers were wasting her money, and apologized. I didn’t get any money back, or the eggrolls that I had already bought, but I suppose that was the best I could have hoped to get from her.

The afternoon was mostly more of the same, except with interns in my office. I had to call the sign company about our broken display because evidently it had become a “hot button item” with the superintendent. Hilariously and almost predictably, they told me the company that made it was going out of business, and that rolling a truck to work on it would be a complete waste of money. I guess the poor children will have to go without for a bit longer. My initial thought was to wonder whether having a monochrome sign by the road benefited as many children as having an esports team would have. The cynicism cut deeply today.

After work, I brought the Grom home and took the R1 out for a wash. It had rolled right over 16,000 miles coming back home this weekend, so it’s time for another service from the worst dealership I’ve ever known. I guess I could forego the stealership and take it to a third party instead. Hubbard has always been good to me with tires. I miss the hell out of Valley Powersports though.

After washing the bike I picked up some cheap mozzarella sticks at Sonic, traded vehicles and went to Walmart for some salad, then went to Summer’s for some leftover pizza. Then we jumped right into a couple episodes of Battlestar Galactica until bed.

A kick in the butt is worth a thousand words.

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