I really felt like I sunk the entire day into a stupid iPad Pro that we couldn’t enroll in our device management system. Even Ben sat down with me for a while and tried to help, but it just didn’t work. Eventually I just had to get up and take a break, so Allen came over and took us to Subway for lunch. I got more and more aggravated all afternoon as I kept finding myself surrounded by people not working.

After work, I rode home and took the car in for an oil change. Summer was beat from a pretty rough day herself and wanted me to get dinner for her. It started to downpour, so I hung out at the shop until it settled down as they closed up. I ran home to change shoes for the evening and called in an order to Spices, then went to pick it up along with the girls from karate. Back at her house, I finished up some leftover tacos with Eaddie before catching an episode of Battlestar and then going to bed.

I did my fair share of homework when I was younger. I don’t need to be doing yours too.

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