Have fun doing the dumb things without me!

This morning actually felt like fall weather. The air was cool on the ride to work, and it was quickly downhill from there. We all got a super slow start, but Jason was quick to tell us we had a bunch of undesirable work to do without his help. I can’t stand his attitude on the best of days, and lately it’s just been super shitty. Even Ben was out there in the graveyard with us. It wasn’t even particularly awful work to be done, so I don’t get his vocalization to the rest of us. We had a relatively good time out there.

Allen and I went across the street for Fry Day at Smackin’ Wings again. This time we sat right behind Gary and Heather since they beat us there without inviting us. They had beef queso nachos or fries on special today, and they looked super nasty when we got them. I got the fries, but wished I had gotten the chips like Allen. They needed a whole lot of something else to make them better. When we left, the guy that delivered the food to our table came up and said they comped our food because it took too long to serve us. In reality it was actually faster than our last visit, only taking half an hour from the time we sat down. Even Gary and Heather waited longer than we did, but they ddin’t get their food for free.

I spent the afternoon wrestling with my athletics iPad Pro some more, which evidently they purchased for the sole purchase of underwater video for the swim team. I don’t fucking understand this place at all. The high school was on a pep rally schedule, and Allen was in a helping mood, so he and Brice met me there to run a short cable and climb a ladder up to the cafeteria projector. I was happy to accomplish that much, but annoyed to hear Brice say he was all caught up on his work orders while I’m still drowning in 1:1 devices that have to be shipped off.

After work, I met the girls at my parents’ house to help cover the pool. I really wanted to swim again, but it’s been cooling off fast lately. I hate how little use the pool gets after the very first part of the summer. Eaddie wanted to work out with Summer, so I took Autumn home with me. We watched a little bit of The Office until she was ready to go to the homecoming game. I dropped her off and then came home to fight with some Google stuff on my phone. When she was ready to leave, I picked her up and we waited for Noah to finish at work. We picked him up, got his bag from his house, then went up to Summer’s for the evening.

It was our fault. We wanted instant gratification, and soon the screens felt like home.

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