Just give me the damn password, Bob!

I forgot my phone at home this morning, which wouldn’t have been a huge deal any other day, but I was expecting a support call from the sign company. I hoped he would call sooner than later, but I guess his day went by quicker than mine. I spent the morning catching up on a few things, then met Allen, Gary, and Zach at Wendy’s for lunch. Wesley and a couple of his guys were there too, so we sat and complained about our absent coworkers.

We got some new work shirts in after lunch, and I ended up spending more time there than I had anticipated. It wasn’t a big deal though, since everything I really needed to do had to wait until the end of the day anyway. That’s when I finally got my support call. I had just gotten back to the high school and started to settle in when my phone rang. I had to run all the way across the campus, and then spend over an hour on the phone while this guy remoted into our sign computer so he could show me first hand how little he understood about what he was doing. On the way there, I encountered a brand new brick wall blocking my path, so I had to get creative and walk around the stupid place.

As he started digging into things, I kept telling him to upgrade the firmware. He kept getting his head stuck on version numbers that seemed impossible, and kept installing and uninstalling different versions of the software to get around it. All I wanted was the stupid admin password, which he finally provided, and I could have resolved the stupid issue in under five minutes. Instead I was stuck there, unable to do the other work I had planned for the end of the day. We did finally get the sign going again, which was only partially a relief. The real concern is how long it will last until it breaks again.

That wrapped up my workday, so I headed home to change before going to my parents’ for dinner. We cleaned up some super old burrito stuff and I sat there for a while messing with my phone again. I’ve about given up on fixing it, and I’ve made peace with just wiping the whole thing and starting over. Next Tuesday is the new Pixel announcement, so worst case scenario I can just get a whole new phone.

Get in there, Bob!

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