Creative Methods of Procrastination

We didn’t have much of a meeting again this morning. I thought I was going to be sent off on my own to just work at the high school, but then Allen showed enough ineptitude that I took the opportunity to ride around with him for a while. He took me to the high school to take care of one urgent matter, and then we rode out to London to take a look at some audio equipment for a student. That was more or less a bust, but it got us nearly to lunch by the time we got back.

I suggested The 3D Cafe since I think I was the only person that had eaten there before. As we sat down I got an ocular migraine, so I just kind of quietly sat and ate whatever I could get stuck to my fork. I had the taco salad that seemed to be mostly grilled onions. I did get a piece of Allen’s fish that was pretty good. Out of three visits, I’ve been served chips and salsa one time, which was particularly odd to me because the table right next to us got some while we didn’t. The food was decent, but our server only came by like once after he got us settled in with our meals.

After lunch I went to the high school to work on some things. I wrapped up a really late day working on a stupid badge printer that kept me occupied for about three hours, then went home until Summer finished up with her day. I did get a worm trap in the mail, so I set it up hoping to catch some of the little guys that have taken over my shrimp tank.

On the way up to Summer’s, I got some chips and white cheddar bites from Zaxby’s to go along with whatever leftovers we could find for dinner. She showed up just after I did, and we ate and then watched a couple webisodes of someĀ BSG stuff. Next up will be the TV movieĀ Razer, which I wish we could have watched in order, but I guess this is fine too.

Why are computers awful?

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