So Im-Portent

It was supposed to be clear today, and only a little bit cooler. Instead, I ended up riding to work in a drizzle that lasted into the afternoon. The sign went out again, and it took me a couple trips to realize it was the GFCI outlet again. Nobody said anything about lunch, so I just went home and spent my hour there with my shrimp over some frozen chicken sliders. They could’ve been worse.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly too, and at least it wasn’t drizzling any more. I ran to get some gas before going home, and spent a whopping $1.75 to fill up the Grom. Summer picked up the girls from school and dropped them off at my house, so I got changed and then took them home. Summer had a roast cooking all day, so I made some rice and tried to get the girls fed before she got home from the gym.

Nothing significant to report.

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