Rocket Legs

Today was cool and drizzly, and it crept along just like you’d expect a cold, drizzly day to creep. I got a few little things done in the morning and thought I might start messing with the 1:1 laptops a bit in the afternoon. Brice sent us a picture of a Mac ‘N Cheeseburger from Ruby Tuesday, so he, Allen, and I decided to go try it out for only a fiver. Our server was a guy I’d seen around town a lot, and I think he worked at the call center for a little while back in the day. He was nice enough, but it felt like it took him forever to take our super simple orders. Luckily the food came out super fast, and though it didn’t look nearly as good as the picture, it did taste pretty good. I still think it’s hard to argue it against a $5 combo deal at Wendy’s though.

I went by the shop for a little bit after lunch just to catch up on things, then went back to the high school. Dad confirmed that insurance would cover my windshield chip, so I set up an appointment online with Safelite. I had only just submitted the form when my phone rang with a lady calling to confirm the insurance information. Just a couple minutes after that, a local guy called to reschedule my appointment for tomorrow morning since everyone in the area had already left for the day. With that taken care of, I wrapped up the day swapping parts on some laptops. The district won’t make any self-maintainer money from it, but they couldn’t anyway since I don’t have the certifications required by the program. Frankly this way is less wasteful anyway, so I’ll put in the extra effort to save the planet a bit.

Eaddie rode the bus to me since Autumn went home with a fever today. I took her home so I could change, then dropped her off at karate while I went to eat with my parents. Neither lunch or dinner left me feeling totally satisfied today, but I filled up on some water rather than eat more. The hunger came back well before bedtime. When I got back home, I cleaned up a bit and then sat down to play someĀ Rocket League with Josh for a bit. I hadn’t played in a super long time and was using my Xbox Elite Wireless Controller that I hate, but I made it work and didn’t flail around too horribly. Aerials were rough and pointless, but I scored a goal or two.

Maybe time to do some future shopping.

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