Break Time Not Included

I slept so well last night, smothered in my weighted blanket. Finally, the weather is cold enough to allow me to properly burrow underneath it all. The outside temperature was high enough that my heat pump actually kicked on, and it seemed to work fine to maintain the temperature. I resumed my game of Oxygen Not Included and spent nearly the entire day building up my little home base. When lunchtime came around, I still hadn’t heard from Summer, so I decided to run to Arby’s and take her some lunch in case she couldn’t get out. Their drive-through never picked me up, so I had to go in, but I think I spent more time waiting for their speaker to work than I waited for my food.

When I got to the shop, it was just Summer and three others to handle a slow, but steady stream of cars. I ran to Little Caesar’s to get them some pizza since nobody would have a chance to leave on break, then went upstairs to eat my own food. I waited around for a little while before heading out, stopping at Sonic for a drink before landing back at home. It was so nice out that I considered going out back to continue cleaning up, but all I really wanted to do was continue my game.

Summer asked me to get the girls from the high school after they returned from quiz bowl, so I took them home while she went to the gym. I had some leftover chili while I was there, and then headed back home when she took the girls to their father. Finally, I finished the day the same way it started.

It’s THAT kind of Saturday.

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