Turn Up the Heat

A thin layer of frost covered everything this morning, so I had to wait for the car to warm up before heading home. We burned the first hour of work sitting around the shop yapping at each other, and then I helped Brice hang a touch panel at Oakland. He must not have felt very motivated, because we ended up sitting around there the rest of the morning until lunch time. Somehow I had convinced everyone that New China sounded good, so five of us went there to eat before coming back to the shop to form two more groups.

This time I was sent with Heather to hang a touch panel at the junior high, which I expected to be a pretty straightforward in-and-out job. That quickly turned to rubbish though, because we were super unprepared for anything. We ended up running the video cable three times, couldn’t get any of the old cable or the old ceiling-mounted projector out of the ceiling, and had to make two trips back to the shop on top of her countless trips back to her office for more parts. It took us all afternoon to do what should have been completed in about an hour, and by the end of it all I was just completely beat.

I headed home to relax and no sooner had I pulled into my driveway, than Autumn called wanting to know if I was coming to pick them up from the junior high, where I had just left. I was super aggravated, but not at them. I missed Summer’s text from the middle of my fighting to get the last job done, and was just completely over having to run around everywhere. I immediately left to get them, then dropped them off at their house. Eaddie somehow left a giant something in my back seat, so I had to turn around from a mile down the road. Neither of the girls would answer the phone or look outside to see who was honking their horn so annoyingly, so I just got out and threw it up at the front door.

When I finally got into my house, I could barely even sit comfortably out of feeling so defeated. Eventually I was able to wind down with some drinks and a long, thoughtful game of Oxygen Not Included. My heater finally kicked on for the first time this season, and I’m pretty sure the current setup will never even utilize the heat pump because I keep my house so cold. I guess all that planning ahead and overthinking for the month and a half of summer without air conditioning ended up being just a big waste of time and money.

Everything is cramps.

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