It’ll Be a Gas!

I snoozed a little bit past my normal work alarm this morning before getting cleaned up to go to my colonoscopy. Summer came over to get me, and we made our way to Saint Mary’s outpatient center. The whole check-in process was pretty quick, and I was in and out of my clothes faster than I’ve ever gotten through my primary care physician’s waiting room. All things considered, it was a great experience with super friendly people. The good news was that it was only hemorrhoids. The aggravating thing was that it took $600 to prove myself right to everyone that was urging me to get it checked out.

It was nearly lunch time when we got back to my house, so we chatted about our feelings for a bit before going to┬áBocadillo’s for my first solid meal since Sunday. The food was great as always, and Summer really enjoyed the pine nuts ice cream. Afterward we came home and napped until she had to go get the kids from school. I still felt pretty worn out from everything, so I stayed home and did virtually nothing all night and then went to bed super early.

It’s probably time I understood how to manipulate the healthcare system to work better for me.

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