Party Pooper

I managed to sleep until a little after noon today. I never really got hungry which was nice, but I also didn’t feel up to much after popping my Dulcolax tablets. Originally I had envisioned cleaning up the house a bit, and I did try, but I just didn’t accomplish a whole lot. I spent most of my time playing some more¬†Oxygen Not Included until things started getting gurgly. Then I watched¬†The World According to Jeff Goldblum, which honestly kind of left me not really liking him as much just because he seemed completely unable to be even a little bit normal. He’s an entertaining character in smaller doses, but I could see how someone would become tired of him after a while, like an annoying, weird uncle.

Overall it felt very much like the old days of hiding in my home and not seeing anyone for days. I completely forgot to go out and get gas for Hog Wild Wednesday. I wonder if I can last another week.

Won’t this be fun…

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