The Long Hunger

We were supposed to start the first day of testing today, but I’m not sure that actually happened. I kept busy with my own little projects until Ben showed up unexpectedly to chat about what happened yesterday. I really hope he actually takes some kind of meaningful action this time, because it definitely feels like nothing ever works.

I had one Soylent to last me the whole day, and then I stopped to see Summer on my way home to stay up late playing video games to stave off the hunger. I was definitely allowed to eat today, and my belly wanted to know why I didn’t. I should be fine tomorrow with enough other stuff going on to keep my mind off of it. The cat is starting to look pretty yummy though.

I played a couple short rounds of Overwatch arcade matches with Jack before he went to play Call of Duty with the others. Then I made the mistake of starting a two-hour update on my computer, so I laid in bed watching some short extras on Disney+ that I finally got access to from Julie. Once my computer was finished, I dove right into a multi-hour session of Oxygen Not Included until about 5am.

23 Hours Later….

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