On the Subject of Hierarchy

It was super cold and rainy this morning, and I was super sluggish getting into my office. I just sat in my car, cozy in my seat for a while, not wanting to go in. When I finally did go in, I mostly worked in my office all day without wandering about too much. I started digging into Group Policy to learn a little more about how objects are linked together, and the order in which settings are processed. I sipped on one Soylent through breakfast and lunch to try and cut back hard, and it worked pretty well. Lee came in for a bit to ask for some speakers, then stayed to chat for a little bit.

Near the end of the day, I went to the shop to get a couple things. I chatted with Zach and Gary for a bit, then went to the graveyard to dig around for some speakers. I was so focused on what was on the tables or in the piles of junk, digging for scraps, that I didn’t even notice Jason napping in the corner until I walked right up on him, practically within arm’s reach. It got super awkward after that, with him making brief, but quiet sounds of laboured movement the way one would in that kind of situation. He never said a word to me, and I just started digging in a box for some speakers. It took him a few minutes, but I think he left. I didn’t actually pay attention to where he went, but I didn’t see him again the rest of the day. His car was there when I went back inside though, and gone before we left, which was a bit before quitting time on account of my not taking a lunch break.

Brice has an interview tomorrow, so maybe all the pieces are falling into place for me to take a step up into leadership. One could dream.

After work, I went to my parents’ house for some rice soup. It was pretty soothing, and I peppered it enough that I couldn’t even taste that Mom had burned it. Then I went by Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions, then Walmart to pick up a few more things that I ultimately should have just gotten from Walgreens for convenience and time’s sake.

I refuse to let myself feel guilty for doing what’s right by reporting what’s wrong.

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