Nice Day for Anything

We all got up this morning at a pretty good time, and Summer made egg sandwiches for breakfast. I spent a whole bunch of time playing Oxygen Not Included, and the kids watched TV or played the Switch. I joined them for some Mario Party and Mario Kart for a bit while Summer went to the gym, and then they all worked on some chores. It was a beautiful day outside, so I wish we had gone out to do anything at all, but it just didn’t happen.

Noah had to work in the evening, so Summer made a really early dinner for us all. Then I took Noah to work and went home to clean up a bit myself. I got in a little more game time, and Josh got on to play a little Rocket League with me before a bunch of the other guys got on to play Call of Duty. I can’t believe they just keep making those games.

Prep the Soylent!

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