Meeting My Pot Dealer Before the Party

We got up this morning with enough time for a little breakfast, so I made some pretty bad Ramsay eggs to go over the last of the sourdough that Suzanne brought us. Then I went home to shower while Summer took Eaddie to the gym. Once ready, I got Summer and we went to the Hughes Center for the craft show where Suzanne was selling the last of her pottery. Summer got a mug, and I picked up a butter bell because I’d wanted one for quite a while but not enough to actually go out and buy one.

We chatted a while and lost track of time, so we had to leave in a hurry and run across town to get Gary before Dale’s birthday shindig. I expected there to be trouble parking, but it was actually relatively empty. Ben brought his family, and Allen eventually showed up with Charlotte, but that was all of our group that made it. It was a really good time, but I expected about three times that many people since Dale knows someone everywhere we go.

After the party, we headed back to Summer’s and laid around watching YouTube videos while the girls went to dinner with their father. Eventually they got back home and I had to go get Noah from work. Eaddie rode with me to DJ the ride, and then we watched an episode of¬†Parks and Recreation before Summer went to bed. I played a little¬†Mario Kart with Eaddie before going to sleep myself.

I miss nuts and seeds way more than I expected.

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