Four Percent Friday

We didn’t have much going on today, but I still didn’t feel the need to go to the high school. I spent all morning at the shop, partially working on a couple things. Pretty soon it was only an hour until lunch, which wasn’t enough time to really get into anything. A group of us went to CJ’s for a long lunch. When we got back, Zach and I rolled a magnet around our parking spaces to pick up the 30ish screws and such that were left behind by the people savages doing the work upstairs.

Allen had a touch panel to install in the afternoon, so I went with him. We got it hung pretty quickly, but then encountered a weird touch issue. He immediately jumped to calling technical support, and then leaving them a voicemail when they didn’t answer – all before actually trying anything to fix it. He was in some kind of stupid and belligerent mood, which is the absolute worst for him.

We wrapped up the day about the same as the rest of it, with a whole lot of keeping chairs on the floor. I think it’s the seasonal rut.

On the way home, I stopped by Superfast to loan Summer a projector, then went home and continued my colony in Oxygen Not Included. I made a fair amount of progress, but am getting to a point where I need to come up with a better way of managing gases. Eventually Summer and Eaddie got home and I went up to meet them. I dug out a bunch of leftovers to clean up, and then we watched a couple episodes of Parks and Recreation before bed.

I’ve got forty hand towels, some energy bars, and a Chinese finger trap. Let’s get gross.

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