Chillin’ with Esna

I got up today and had some leftovers for breakfast. Eaddie slept until nearly noon when I finally went into her room and shook her around a bit. Eventually she got up and we played some Mario Kart, and I fried her some chicken strips for lunch.

Dad called Roto-Rooter to come ream out the house, so I had to head home and let them in. There, I waited until Summer got off of work so we could shop for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Just before she was ready, I ran to McDonald’s to get a corrected Happy Meal for the one they shorted me a couple nuggets on yesterday. Then I met her in the parking lot and we braved the crowd inside. It really wasn’t too bad, perhaps because of the time of day.

I ran home to get her a couple more things, then met back up at her house for dinner. I heated the leftover rotisserie chicken and some buffalo wings for Eaddie, then we watched some Parks and Recreation before Summer went to bed. Eaddie and I started the second episode of Luke Cage, but she gave up almost partway in and left me to finish it myself.

It’s like a colon cleanse for your house!

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