Hamburger Visage

Today was boring. I picked at a few things at work, but bored myself avoiding all the usual things. Nobody said anything about lunch, so I mixed up some powdered Soylent. I only made a 200kcal serving, which will usually hold me over in a pre-made bottle of v2.0. Instead, I just felt super hungry all afternoon. I couldn’t stop thinking about hamburgers, and I could never shake that the rest of the day.

Ben stopped by in the afternoon and did a little work in my office, but vanished again while I had left to work on something else. I went home after work expecting something fun from UPS, but it ended up being my toaster for work. While I was there, I decided to finally mount the shim behind my doorbell so the camera would be a little more centered. Then I went to my parents’ for some more fish soup.

After digging through some more old crap from my childhood, I hit up Shell for some cheap gas and then headed to Summer’s. She wanted to keep my new toaster, so now I have a brand new, used toaster for work. I sat on the couch and played some moreĀ Tomb Raider on Stadia, and eventually everyone went to bed.

Isn’t it peculiar how everything is perfectly fine while you’re brushing our teeth, but as soon as you spit a big wad of toothpaste out and accidentally hit your toothbrush, it becomes super gross?

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