Splashmas Fiesta

Summer got up and made pancakes and eggs for breakfast this morning. I surfed deals for a little bit before going home to clean up and find an outfit to wear for her company Christmas dinner. I picked up Noah on the way back up, and we got everyone loaded into the car for a bit of shopping before the shindig.

Our first stop was in Conway so I could try and find a couple clearance deals at Home Depot. I dropped three of them off at Target first, but Eaddie didn’t get her shoes on in time and ended up having to go to Home Depot with me. We wandered around for much longer than I planned, and only found one of the deals I wanted. The SodaStream wasn’t discounted to a good price at all, so we left with only a Klein cable tester.

When we got back to Target, Eaddie just wanted to stay in the car, so it was up to me to fetch the others. Noah was the only one to buy anything, and that was a soda. Then it was off to Little Rock. We were a bit early for the party, so we went to McCain Mall first and let Autumn run through the PINK store for some overpriced whatevers. Then she and Eaddie went to Bath & Body Works for some slightly less overpriced stuff while the rest of us went to GameStop.

By the time we made it through there, it was time to gather everyone up and head to The Greens in Sherwood. The company rented out a building at the country club and had some Mexican joint cater fajitas. It was definitely less “happening” than any of us expected, and the two caterers plating the food made everyone getting through the line extremely slow. They played a slideshow with a bunch of old employees that ticked Summer off, and then had some “game” where employees got to bid on some really crappy door prizes with sixteen fake dollars. Like, a bag of tongs, bad.

We made it home pretty quickly, and shuffled everyone off to bed. At least we got everyone out of the house.


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