Eye See What You Did There

The girls all had a quiz bowl tournament at the high school, so I got up and went home for the day. Just as I got there, my EyeBuyDirect order was delivered and I got to try out some more glasses. These were quite a bit more expensive than the Zenni Opticals, and also both radically different styles, but I’ll be damned if I let anyone tell me I can’t dress like an evil villain.

I spent most of my time cleaning up shipments and emails from all week, intermittently getting up to make small adjustments to the fitment of my new glasses. It takes me a while to get used to each pair, I’m guessing due to the size and shape of the frames. As the girls finished up, I jumped in the shower to meet back at their house.

When I got there, Summer had grilled some steaks for dinner, which absolutely hit the spot after the better part of a month worth of bird. I love turkey, and I’ve still got some leftover from our last meal with friends, but I was ready for some red meat. After that, we finally finished Parks and Recreation and went to bed.

Not quite Judge Doom, but there’s definitely something sinister happening behind those eyes…

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