Holiday Ghost Town

The parking lot was mostly empty this morning, since most of the kids are done with their semester tests. Ben broke the phones, so I ran around the building fixing that for a while, then tinkered around until lunch. I met Allen and Gary at the shop, and we went to Wendy’s. I got everyone birthday cake Frosties for dessert, and halfway through mine I remembered that a vendor brought us cookies, so I took what was left in my cup back with us to eat with a snickerdoodle.

It was a really quiet afternoon, so I went back to the high school and tried building a new task sequence to deploy the Windows 2019 LTSC image, and it seemed to work. I guess I’m an expert now. I saw an email from Danielle that they’re moving over break, so after work I gathered up a bunch of cardboard boxes from home that would have otherwise gone out for recycling. Then I headed up to Summer’s to fix some leftovers for dinner.

Eaddie was the only one with school tomorrow, so Autumn stayed with her grandparents. Summer picked at some leftover smoked turkey, and then we watched an episode of Firefly. After one episode, I put on a Donald Glover stand-up special until Summer went to sleep.

One last day!

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