It Kryptmus Time!

We were down another man at the shop today because Brice accepted a job at Two Rivers, and I guess he took today off so he could work over the break? I don’t really know what’s happening anymore. I was going to pair up with Ben to help make some tech tubs and then hang a new WAP for JROTC, but then Allen came along for the tech tubs as well, and then Ben left the two of us to figure out my WAP. While we were there, I found Seth and unloaded a ton of cardboard boxes for him and Danielle to move over break.

It took us a little while to get the line through the weird wall for JROTC, but eventually we got the access point powered up and running. We made it back to the shop just in time for lunch, and convinced Jason to drive us to New China. He always says he hates that place and refuses to go, but he seemed to like it alright today. Then I spent most of the afternoon at the shop just killing time. Right at the end of the day, I got a text about the sign at the high school, so I left to take a look.

On the way there, I had to stop by Oakland to see the girls before break. Apparently I was late to the party, because they already knew Brice was leaving and wanted to know if I was coming back. Sheri even told me she’d give me her own office if I’d come back! As the kids finally dispersed, I had to continue on to the high school to look at my sign. I spent a couple hours running back and forth, cycling power in different orders. The original problem was the GFCI outlet, but even with that reset I could never get the computer to talk to the sign, and I eventually just gave up so I could start my Christmas break.

I went home for a little while and waited for Summer to get home from the gym. The girls went out to eat with their father, so Summer and I had some leftover pasta that she brought home from work. Then we ran to Walmart for the stuff we needed to make for tomorrow’s big family shindig.

Running has never been appealing to me, but damn.

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