Christmas with the Distants

We got up this morning to make the trip down to Bismark for Dad’s family Christmas bash. I ran home to take care of the cat and clean up, then headed back to Summer’s to make the broccoli casserole. I was running a bit behind, which was exacerbated by a rice cooker that wouldn’t stay on. In a weird chain of choices, I ended up using another rice cooker’s power cord to weigh down the switch so the rice would finish cooking.

Once that was done, the girls loaded up and we headed to pick up Dad and make our way down to the church. We took the highway through Little Rock on the way down since I hadn’t realized it was just down past Hot Springs and that we would need something for Eaddie’s car sickness. It ended up taking about the same amount of time, but traffic was super bad and the drive was terribly boring, plus it added about another 40 miles to the trip.

It was a super small showing this year, though since it was potluck style, we still ended up with plenty to eat. I’m still not exactly sure why I went back for seconds, but I definitely should have cut back instead. Dad did a little magic, and then almost everyone else there played Dirty Santa until it was time to clean up and head home.

I wanted to take Highway 7 back home, so I let Google Maps guide me around the outskirts of Hot Springs where we stopped at one of about 300 Dollar Generals to get some Dramamine for all three of the girls. We made good time coming back, and the drive was miles shorter and better. The girls took turns falling asleep until we dropped Dad off, and as soon as we got home, everyone shuffled off to bed.

Ah, Kohl’s Cash, you tricky bastard!

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