Last Minute Holiday Chaos

Summer got Noah this morning before starting on some breakfast. Eaddie left for Silver Dollar City with Maleea and her family while Summer was in the middle of cooking biscuits and gravy with eggs, so I helped with the gravy as she shooed her out the door. When we finished eating, I headed home to clean up, then came back to pick up Summer, Autumn, and Noah for our trip to Conway.

We stopped at PetSmart in town first, and got lucky with a cashier that let us exchange a burned-out light bulb without a receipt. Then we headed out of town for a really short drive compared to yesterday. We stopped at Target, Shoe Carnival, and TJ Maxx before everyone got tired and hungry. Being Sunday also meant that most of the stores were closing a bit earlier than usual, so we made our way across town to the China Town buffet. Autumn protested Asian food, but then remembered how many things she liked from this buffet.

With everyone stuffed to the gills, we headed back home. Noah fell asleep in the car, but the remaining three of us stopped in at Walmart for some cookie dough for the kids to decorate this week. I made us make a quick run through the store for deals, but came up short. With everyone tuckered out, we headed on home to bed. Eaddie strolled in eventually, and watched movies with Noah well past my bedtime.

Some people juggle promotions!

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