No Need for a Manger in Hammock Weather

Summer woke up to a surprise visit from Santa Classic, Mexican Sañta, and Satan the lysdexic Santa today, so I got pushed out of bed as well. She made some biscuits and woke Eaddie up, who probably would have walked around the tree all day without noticing the new gifts. Summer went to get Autumn from her parents’ house as soon as we finished eating, and I played some Mario Kart with Eaddie until they got back so we could open presents.

When that was all done, I headed home to clean up before heading to my parents’ house for Christmas dinner. When the girls got here, Eaddie wanted to ride bikes, so she and Summer rode across town while Autumn and I chauffeured the crock pot of mashed potatoes. When we got there and found that everyone had already eaten, we learned that we had misinterpreted a text from earlier without an expected time to gather. We picked at food, played on my childhood slot-car/jet race track, and generally lazed around until Uncle Giao, Aunt Teresa, Bác Vân, and Doug all left. Julie was in Disney World, so it was just us kids visiting.

The girls had dinner plans with their father, so we headed back to my house to wait for him. The girls watched TV while I mostly just sat feeling tired. I cleaned the cat box and played a couple rounds of Overwatch after everyone left, then called it an early night for Autumn’s knee surgery at 8:30 the next morning.

Holidays just make me a cranky old codger anyway.

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