You Don’t Know Jackfruit

I got up and finished some leftovers this morning while the girls were mostly off doing their own things. Summer squirmed with back pain all day, while Autumn was laid out playing the helpless card all day. She assured us she was well enough to go out to McDonald’s with her father, though.

I left to shower, then picked up Noah to go to my parents’ house. They had gotten another jackfruit from Uncle Giao for Christmas, and wanted my help picking it apart. It wasn’t too bad – just tedious, but didn’t taste quite ripe yet in spite of its smell. We only pulled half of it apart before wrapping up the other half for later. The hope was that it would ripen a bit before our next go at it. I had some leftover ham on rolls, and then we headed back to my house to meet up with the girls. Autumn had tipped over backwards coming down the stairs at their house, so they didn’t want to fuss over coming to my parents’ place first.

Noah wanted to get some snacks for everyone while we watched The Two Towers, so I took him by the Neighborhood Market. He said he couldn’t find French onion dip there, so I also took him by Kroger for some of that before finally making it home. The girls were already finishing up a movie there, and then we put on The Lord of the Rings. The extended edition clocked in at just under four hours, but it took us significantly longer to watch with breaks and such. Summer and Autumn were long ready for bed. The other two stayed up and watched TV as I went to bed myself.

That stuff really sticks with you…

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